I am Michelle Maloney, I am an ex-teacher and full time potter. I was a teacher of Art and Design for 30 years working with students at all levels from Primary School to Degree Courses. I took early retirement in 2019 and am now a full time potter. Hurrah!

My work is informal, colourful and a bit saucy at times. My trading name is Titterpot Design because I enjoy a good chortle and I am most happy creating handmade jolly pottery.  I use handbuilding techniques with some occasional throwing to make figurative and illustrated ceramics. I am inspired by folk art and the glorious storybook illustrations of my youth in the 70s.

I am very excited to be joining the creatives at the Fulbeck Craft Centre where I will be offering a range of pottery classes at all levels that focus on skills development and expanding your creativity whilst exploring the incredible world of contemporary ceramics. My studio is in Unit 5 and you are most welcome to join me potters!

Please contact me directly here or come and see me in my studio.