Discover The Magic Of Rosie's Wildlife Art

Discover The Magic Of Rosie's Wildlife Art

We are thrilled to be welcoming Rosie Smith to Fulbeck Craft Centre and  The Old Coach House Store!

Step into a world where art and nature beautifully collide! Whether you're an art lover or a wildlife enthusiast, Rosie Smith's stunning creations will captivate your heart and stir your soul.

Rosie, a dedicated conservation artist, brings the animal kingdom to life with her expressive wildlife art. Working in both oils and watercolours, she masterfully captures the essence of these magnificent creatures, honoring the spirit of nature with a vivid palette and an extraordinary style.

Throughout the year, you can find Rosie's artwork showcased in various galleries, exhibits, and shows. Her meticulous craftsmanship extends to the creation of museum-grade Giclee prints in her studio, each promising to endure for over 100 years.

Rosie is deeply committed to conservation. Her new eco-friendly card range supports the Woodland Carbon Trust, with each card made from recycled materials and recyclable packaging. Additionally, her sustainable giftware collection, in collaboration with Park-Wood Springs, has gained international acclaim, being sold in John Lewis, on P&O cruise ships, and other global platforms.

Rosie's dedication to wildlife conservation goes beyond her art. She continually uses her work to raise funds for causes like 'Helping Rhinos,' auctioning original pieces and donating a percentage of profits from art workshops and limited edition prints to support these vital efforts. Rosie has also been honored as a finalist for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2024 by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Visit The Old Coach House Store and dive into the enchanting world of Rosie Smith's wildlife art, where every piece tells a story of beauty, passion, and a deep respect for the natural world.  We will also be exhibiting her amazing art within the Galleries of The Crafty Cafe in July.

Rosie will also be hosting exciting workshops at Fulbeck Craft Centre this summer, where she will share her talents with participants of all ages. Additionally, she has a special Christmas-themed workshop planned for later in the year.  Keep checking our calendar for dates.

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